Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action

Nursing Workforce & Scope of Practice

In Creating Vibrant Communities, RNAO recommends practical and concrete policies that will both strengthen the nursing workforce and say to the aspiring nurse, the nursing student, the recent graduate, the mid-career nurse and their later-career colleagues: “Build your Nursing Career in Ontario.”

RNAO also recommends supporting RNs and Nurse Practitioners to practice to their full scope, bringing their complete range of knowledge, skills, and experience to the table.

Expand the Roles for RNs

  1. Provide base funding for expanded practice nurses such as nurse endoscopists (NE), RNs who perform flexible sigmoidoscopy and Registered Nurse First Assists (RNFAs), independent of hospital nursing budgets.
  2. Support Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and new and emerging roles for nurses.
  3. Reduce surgical wait times by investing in an additional 25 Registered Nurse First Assists each year over the government’s mandate.
  4. Maximize use of RNs’ knowledge, skills and experience and allow RNs to practise to full scope by amending key legislation and regulations.

Expand the Roles of Nurse Practitioners

Amend statutes, regulations and policies to allow nurse practitioners to use their full knowledge, skills and experience and practise to their full scope. This includes authorizing NPs to admit, treat and discharge in in-patient settings. Support the full integration of specialty (hospital-based) nurse practitioners. Expand opportunities for NP continuing education with a focus on specialized NP practices.