Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action

Issues for Discussion at MPP Meetings

Medical Tourism

Question to MPP: Will you urge the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to immediately ban medical tourism?

Health System Structural Reform

Question to MPP: Will you support expansion of the Local Health System Integration Act to include all sectors including public health, all primary care models, and home-care organizations?

RN Prescribing

Question to MPP: Will you support amendments to the Nursing Act and subsequent regulations/standards that create an enabling framework for RN prescribing?

Nurse Practitioner Compensation and Benefits

Question to MPP: Will you work to eliminate the salary and benefit inequities between primary care NPs, and NPs in other health sectors; ensuring fair and adequate compensation?

Environmental Determinants of Health

  1. Will you strengthen Ontarians' right to know about their exposure to toxics by:
    a) Bringing into force the section of the TRA that will require creators or distributors of toxics to notify the public about the resulting exposure?
    b) Bringing into force the section on substances of concern?
    c) Collecting and distributing to the public more information on their exposures to toxics?
  2. Will you bring into force the section of the TRA that permits the regulation of the creation, sale and distribution of toxics?

Social Determinants of Health

Questions to MPP: Can we count on your support to improve the health of the most vulnerable Ontarians by:

  1. Raising the minimum wage to $14/hour in the upcoming provincial budget and ensuring that the minimum wage is indexed to inflation?
  2. Increasing social assistance rates so that they reflect the actual cost of living, including access to nutritious food and safe shelter?
  3. Establishing clear timelines and targets for ending homelessness?
  4. Investing in new affordable housing stock and maintenance of existing housing?