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Policy & Political Action

Queen's Park Day 2015

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) will be returning to Queen’s Park for the 15th Annual Queen’s Park Day to be held on February 26, 2015.

Members are thrilled with the opportunity to engage their elected representatives and see the political process at work.

Given the positive feedback on the format used last year at Queen’s Park Day, RNAO will again host a hot breakfast for elected representatives in the Legislative Dining Room. Members will share information on the need for a full ban on medical tourism; health system restructuring to devolve the functions of CCACs to the LHINs and to primary care and to enhance the mandate of LHINs to include public health, home care and primary care; legislative amendments to support RN prescribing; the need to eliminate salary and benefit inequities between primary care NPs and NPs in other health sectors; strengthening right-to-know about exposure to toxics; and, improvements needed to social determinants of health like more affordable housing.

Tours of the historic building by Queen’s Park staff will again be offered and the Sergeant-at-Arms will make a presentation regarding his responsibilities as guardian of the Mace, maintaining order in the House, and overseeing security services at Queen’s Park. Of course, as in past RNAO Queen’s Park Days, our members will attend Question Period and later in the afternoon, hear directly from the Opposition Party Leaders, the Opposition Health critics and the Premier and Minister of Health regarding their views on nursing, health care and the social and environmental determinants of health.

Queen’s Park Day 2015 will be busy but the experience will be very positive and worthwhile for our members. To view our photo gallery of Queen’s Park Day 2014, please visit: www.RNAO.ca/QPGallery2014

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