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Queen's Park Day 2014

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) returned to Queen’s Park for the 14th Annual Queen’s Park Day held on February 27th. Members were thrilled with the opportunity to engage their elected representatives and see the political process at work.

This year, the format for Queen’s Park Day changed. Meetings previously held with individual MPPs in their Queen’s Park offices,took place in their riding offices through our Queen’s Park on the Road initiative in the fall. RNAO instead hosted a hot breakfast for elected representatives in the Legislative Dining Room and were pleased to meet directly with 42 MPPs and the staff of 3 others. Our members shared information on the need to extend the Federal Health Accord; the need to raise the minimum wage to $14.00/hr; the need to invest in more registered nurses now; and the need for health care restructuring to devolve the functions of CCACs to the LHINs and to primary care, and to enhance the mandate of LHINs to include public health, home care and primary care.

Other changes to the day included tours of the historic building by Queen’s Park staff and a presentation by the Procedural Services Branch regarding parliamentary procedures and how the legislative committees work. Of course, as in past RNAO Queen’s Park Days, our members attended Question Period and later in the afternoon, heard directly from the Opposition Party Leaders, the Opposition Health critics and the Premier and Minister of Health regarding their views on nursing, health care and the social determinants of health.

Queen’s Park Day 2014 was busy but the experience was very positive and worthwhile for our members. To view our photo gallery of the Day, please visit: www.RNAO.ca/QPGallery2014

See the briefing notes from the day.

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