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Policy & Political Action

Provincial Election 2011 - RNAO Resources

With the provincial election campaign well under way, voters are hungry for information on the key issues and where the parties and leaders stand. Polls indicate that health care continues to register top-of-mind and it is incumbent on all parties to be clear about what they would do to improve the health of Ontarians over the next four years.

In Creating Vibrant Communities: RNAO’s Challenge to Ontario’s Political Parties, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) staked out comprehensive policies that would address social and environmental determinants of health, enhance Medicare, improve access to nursing services and strengthen public services. RNAO’s platform was shared 18 months ago with all parties and we are proud that the voice of nurses is reflected in each party’s platform to a significant degree.

However, the public platforms of the major political parties still lack sufficient detail in important areas. Voters deserve to know the details of what the parties and leaders would do over the next four years before they cast their votes. Below, the RNAO asks that each Leader carefully answer nine questions that would clarify their positions on four key areas that impact the health of Ontarians

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