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NAFTA trade deal needs to protect our health and environment

The governments of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will begin renegotiating NAFTA in August and the Canadian government is seeking input on the renegotiation. Please make sure your voice is heard and demand a NAFTA that protects our health, our environment, and supports worker and human rights.

If you wish to complete the federal consultation form on the NAFTA renegotiation, please click here. Below are the federal questions, along with our suggested responses, which you could copy or amend.

In your view, what should be a priority for the Government of Canada in the renegotiation of NAFTA (e.g. trade areas, practices, issues)?

  • Restoration of the government’s ability to act to protect health, labour standards, environmental standards and social programs, free from the threat of challenges under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism.
  • Raising standards under NAFTA for health, labour, environment, education and social programs.

Are there elements of NAFTA that are working well and should be preserved or improved upon?

  • Protections for agriculture and programs like medicare should not be weakened.

Are you aware of any trade practices, laws or regulations in the United States, and/or in Mexico, that undermine or could undermine meaningful market access for Canadian goods and services?

  • If the US government obliges Canada to import more US products or reduce its exports simply because of its trade balance, that could affect market access for Canadian goods.

Are there any new issues that you believe should be incorporated into NAFTA, or are there issues that you believe should be expanded upon to reflect advancements since NAFTA was originally negotiated?

  • Raising standards under NAFTA for health, labour, environment, education and social programs.
  • Ensure that intellectual property protections do not confer unreasonable monopoly power, which for example leads to excessively expensive prescription drugs.

Other comments:

  • Protect water by removing it from NAFTA as a tradeable good, or service or investment.


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