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CEO update on NP authority to prescribe controlled substances and compensation improvements

NPs authority to prescribe controlled substances: As you learned from RNAO’s September/October Issue of RNJ and from our latest In The Loop (ITL), the Ontario government has expressed its clear intention to move forward with authorizing NPs to prescribe controlled substances. This is, no doubt, a great achievement resulting from your and RNAO's powerful voices. Please download the Minister's letter to CNO. Don't forget to also check the October issue of The Standard in which the CNO details its process and next steps (a link is included in RNAO’s October ITL).

NPs compensation: I have brought forward to MOHLTC your concerns regarding the roll-out of the compensation improvements following the provincial government announcement on October 14th. Unfortunately, each Primary Care site received a single letter with their funding allotment and it is their decision to allocate the funding within their particular sites. Government is working on a broader communication to clarify parameters and I will forward this communication to you immediately upon receipt. A webinar with a Ministry official is being arranged so that you can get your answers directly from them. Meanwhile, please continue to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. We have also asked to fast-track the $85 million within the first two years and not to leave most of the funds until the third year. As you know better than anyone, this new investment represents the first pay increase for primary care NPs and RNs in almost 10 years and is the result of years of advocacy by NPs, RNs and RNAO. But we can’t assume all is well and must continue to have our fingers on the pulse.

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