Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action

Queen's Park on the Road 2019

Queen’s Park on the Road (QPOR) is an effective political engagement activity for members. The opportunity to meet with MPPs to discuss priority nursing and health issues empowers nurses and demonstrates that they can make an impact on public policy and influence healthy change for patients, their co-workers, friends and family alike. QPOR was originally proposed as an event to replace RNAO’s Queen’s Park Day in 2013 because its timing coincided with a provincial election. However, it was so successful that members told us they wanted to meet with MPPs in their riding offices every year. Through QPOR, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students raise issues and make recommendations that matter to them. RNAO is proud of the positive and ongoing relationship it has with elected officials and looks forward to continued meaningful dialogue with MPPs. For more details, supporting materials, and to register, please visit the QPOR Website. Please direct questions to Kyle Dieleman, Nursing and Health Policy coordinator, at kdieleman@RNAO.ca

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