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Opportunities to Influence Ontario’s Affordable Housing Strategy June 2009

Opportunities to Influence Ontario's Affordable Housing Strategy
June 2009
Updated July 15, 2009
Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has announced a public consultation on the province’s Long-Term Affordable Housing strategy. This strategy will provide a framework vision, principles and goals for affordable housing in Ontario over the next 10 years.
There are a variety of opportunities for the voice of nursing to be heard in support of an Ontario where everyone has the right to live poverty-free and with dignity in housing that is stable, adequate, equitably accessible, and affordable.
Housing Network of Ontario
The Government of Ontario is developing a Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy and has begun a community consultation process.
Come and talk about the issues.  Let's make our voices heard.
Participate in a forum on affordable housing:
Thursday, July 16, 2009
1:304:30 p.m.
Multi-Faith Centre, Koffler Building, University of Toronto, 569 Spadina Avenue (just north of College Street)
Featuring speakers form:
The Dream Team   Voices from the Street  
Voyageur Project   Colour of Poverty
To download a poster for this event, please click here.
Everyone Deserves a Home:
An Evening on Advocacy for Nurses and Nursing Students
Thursday, July 9, 2009  7 to 9 pm
RNAO Home Office  158 Pearl Street
Refreshments will be served from 6:30-7:00 p.m.
Guest Speakers and Discussion 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Come join special guests with direct experience of facing challenges with access to housing, Cathy Crowe, street nurse, author, and co-founder of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, and your nursing colleagues to hone our individual and collective advocacy strategies to influence Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy.
To help us plan our refreshments, please RSVP to Kayla Scott at kscott@RNAO.org or by phone at 416-408-5613 or toll free at 1-800-268-7199 ext. 214. If you have any questions about this event or have mobility or dietary needs that you would like us to be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us.
To download a poster for this event, please click here.
Housing Network of Ontario
The Wellesley Institute as well as our coalitions such as the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction and Campaign 2000 and other community partners, including people experiencing housing challenges, are working to ensure that the provincial government delivers the integrated and fully-funded affordable housing strategies our communities need. Link is available here.
Housing Network of Ontario Declaration
“We believe everyone in Ontario has the right to live poverty-free and with dignity in housing that is stable, adequate, equitably accessible and affordable.”
The full text of the Declaration, including four priorities for action, may be found here:
http://www.stableandaffordable.com/sites/default/files/Housing Network of Ontario Declaration (2).pdf
Endorse the Housing Network of Ontario Declaration here:
RNAO as an organization has endorsed the declaration. Individuals and groups are invited to endorse the declaration.


Opportunities to Share Stories to Inform Ontario’s Housing Strategy:
Housing Network of Ontario invites people to share their stories, photographs, videos of both good and bad housing news.

RNAO invites nurses and nursing students to contact us with their stories, clinical experiences, and images that demonstrate how access to safe and affordable housing is a determinant of health. Your feedback will inform and strengthen RNAO’s formal submission on Ontario’s Housing Strategy as well as other advocacy related to building a poverty-free Ontario. Please contact:
Kayla Scott at kaylas@rnao.ca   or
Lynn Anne Mulrooney at lmulrooney@rnao.ca

Community Consultation Sessions
Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has organized a number of community consultations where you can express your views in person. All of the meetings listed below will be held between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. To register to attend any of these sessions, please visit this link.



Meeting Location

June 16, 2009

Sault Ste. Marie

Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology
443 Northern Avenue    Sault Ste. Marie

June 29, 2009

Peel Region

Terry Miller Recreation Centre
1295 Williams Parkway  Brampton

July 15, 2009


Central Public Library
850 Ouellette Ave.  Windsor

July 16, 2009


Grand River Recreation Complex
600 Heritage Dr.  Kitchener

July 21, 2009


Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Community Homes
221 Milner Ave   Toronto

July 22, 2009


Fellowship Towers Retirement Community
877 Yonge St.   Toronto

July 27, 2009


Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall
153 Woodroffe Ave. Ottawa
 For the full list of Community Consultation Sessions, please click here.
Online Questionnaire
Between now and December 31, 2009, people are invited to answer an online questionnaire that is available on the Ministry’s website here.
Mail, Fax, or Email Your Comments
Between now and December 31, 2009, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is inviting responses to their Consultation Document as well as other comments on Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy by contacting:
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Housing Policy Branch
14th Floor, 777 Bay Street
Toronto, ON   M5G 2E5
Fax:      416-585-7607
Email:   housingstrategy.mah@ontario.ca
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Resources:
Housing Consultation website
Consultation Document is available here:
Housing Network of Ontario Resources:
Building From the Ground Up
This two page handout reinforces the power of real stories as the basis for real solutions here.

Contact Health and Nursing Policy, RNAO Home Office:
You are welcome to contact RNAO’s policy department to share ideas about what is happening in your community and for more information or assistance with your advocacy.
Kayla Scott, Admin/Research Assistant kscott@RNAO.ca
Phone: 416-408-5613     1-800-268-7199 ext. 214
Lynn Anne Mulrooney, Senior Policy Analyst   lmulrooney@rnao.ca
Phone: 416 408-5616    1-800-268-7199 ext. 238

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