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Policy & Political Action

UPDATE: Markham Wins A New Pesticide Bylaw!

After careful consideration and consultation at multiple Council sessions, members of Markham Town Council voted unanimously in favour of enacting a pesticide bylaw on June 26, 2007. The Markam victory adds to the momentum to deliver similar protection to all citizens of Ontario. Currently, there are at least 19 other municipalities with pesticide bylaws in place, including Toronto, London, Peterborough, Newmarket, Oakville and Thorold. RNAO continues to support bans on the nonessential use of pesticides, and would support similar campaigns in other jurisdictions.

Thanks to the many RNAO members and others who contacted Council in support of this bylaw.

RNAO has sent a letter to Markham Councilors for their action in supporting this bylaw.

To read the new bylaw, click here.

2509_RNAO_-_Markham_pesticide_thanks_letter.pdf29.11 KB