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Unfreeze nurse practitioner compensation and benefits

Over 2,400 respondents have written to Minister Hoskins and asked him to Unfreeze nurse practitioner compensation and benefits. Now it's your turn. Please sign the action alert and add your voice to our list.

Interprofessional teams, practising to full scope, are the best way to deliver timely access to quality primary care. In 2015, Ontario had over 1,897 primary care nurse practitioners (NP) who were improving access to comprehensive primary care.

The average NP has 16 years of nursing experience and has completed a Master’s degree or post-baccalaureate certificate. Through the efforts of RNAO, NPs have seen their scope of practice greatly expanded to include open prescribing of most medications; ordering and reviewing most diagnostic tests; communicating a diagnosis; and assuming responsibility for admitting, treating and discharging patients from hospitals.

Sadly, there are inequities in NP compensation and benefits between primary care NPs and those working in the hospital sector and CCACs. Primary care NPs have had their compensation frozen for up to nine years, creating a consistent and continuous discrepancy of as much as $20,000 compared with other NPs. This inequity affects recruitment and retention and is the underlying reason one in five primary care NP positions is currently vacant. The result is damaging to Ontarians because it means an ineffective use of system resources and limited access to timely quality care.

To achieve the government’s goals of putting patients first and improving community care, RNAO is calling on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to make the necessary investment to ensure that all NPs receive equitable compensation and benefits. This must be done by harmonizing upwards primary care NPs' compensation - including salary and benefits - to that of NPs in hospitals and CCACs. This issue was a key focus of RNAO’s 2015 Queen’s Park Day and Health Minister Eric Hoskins told those in the audience he would do something about it.

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  • Hon. Kathleen Wynne – Premier of Ontario
  • Jeff Yurek, Health Critic – Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
  • France Gélinas, Health Critic – New Democratic Party of Ontario

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