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Policy & Political Action

Demand that Premier Wynne, Minister Hoskins and Minister Sousa #StopRNreplacement immediately

For over two years, RNAO has been telling the Ontario government that allowing health organizations to replace RNs with less qualified care providers has grave consequences for the health outcomes of Ontarians and it increases health system costs. Despite our efforts, and over 27,000 responses to our previous action alerts from our members, this dangerous trend continues.

Our campaign to #StopRNreplacement began in 2015 after hearing about this disturbing trend from RNAO members. We immediately recognized the danger of replacing RNs who are educated to care for the most complex and vulnerable patients. This led to RNAO’s landmark report, Mind the safety gap in health system transformation: Reclaiming the role of the RN, which was released at Queen’s Park in May 2016. The report highlighted how the RN share of the Ontario nursing workforce was plummeting. We brought forward eight recommendations in our Mind the safety gap report, including: legislating an all-RN workforce in tertiary, quaternary, and cancer care centres within two years, and within five years for large community hospitals; requiring all first home care visits be completed by an RN; and setting minimum RN and NP staffing standards in long-term care.

We again urged the government to #StopRNreplacement when we brought the largest ever publicly available database of research into the effectiveness of RNs to Queen’s Park on the first day of Nursing Week 2017. The evidence shows that RNs have an overwhelmingly positive impact on patients, health organizations, and the health system. This includes reducing mortality, lowering rates of infection, increasing quality of care and patient satisfaction, and increasing cost effectiveness.

We have seen no action from Premier Wynne or Minister Hoskins, who have chosen to turn a blind eye to the latest nursing workforce statistics that show Ontario has the worst RN-to-population ratio in Canada. RNAO says that is a shame

Given the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of RNs, Ontario must #StopRNreplacement and restore the province’s RN workforce. Join RNAO in demanding an end to the dangerous and expensive practice of RN replacement.

Copies will be sent to:

  • Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
  • Hon. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long Term Care
  • Hon. Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance
  • Victor Fedeli, Leader of the Official Opposition
  • Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario
  • Dr. Bob Bell, Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Jeff Yurek, P.C. Critic – Health and Long Term Care
  • France Gélinas, NDP Critic – Health and Long Term Care
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