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Speak Out for a Made-in-Canada RN Entry Exam

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January 17, 2012
On December 13, 2011, the RNAO wrote to the College of Nurses of Ontario expressing its profound disappointment at the decision made by the CNO and its fellow regulators to move implementation of the RN entry exam to a US-owned company.
RN Regulators chose the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), a US-based organization, to bring the existing American exam, the NCLEX-RN to Canada for the purpose of licensing new Canadian nurses.
There is no question that the CNO and other RN regulators have the authority and responsibility to regulate and support competent safe practice in Canada. However, the RNAO supports the Canadian Nurses Association in calling for the regulators to withdraw immediately from their negotiations with the NCSBN. Why? First, RNAO shares the concern of many members about the impact of selecting a US company on Canadian health system principles and values. Second, RNAO fears that the regulators have not adequately thought through the impact of loss of control over test data and personal information on nurses’ privacy and security, particularly when the data becomes subject to the US Patriot Act. Third, delivering the existing US exam in Canada will promote greater mobility of nurses to the US.

What can you do? It is not too late. Canada’s RN regulators have 120 days to enter into a contract with the US company. Dozens of registered nurses have already written to and called the College urging them to revisit their decision. Keep up the pressure.

Sign the petition for a Made-In-Canada RN entry exam

Forward the petition to your family, colleagues and friend.

Make sure the voices of nurses are heard.

When you sign the petition, you are endorsing the following important principles:

  1. 1. Stop negotiations with NCSBN and develop a new computer-based RN entry exam with a Canadian-owned company;
  2. 2. Canada’s recruitment and retention strategies must not be adversely affected;
  3. 3. Canadian exam data and personal information must not be subject to the US Patriot Act and must therefore be Canadian-owned, housed and protected;
  4. 4. The RN entry exam must promote, maintain and align with the curriculum of Canadian schools of nursing;
  5. 5. The RN entry exam must reflect the unique character, qualities and values of the Canadian publicly-funded, not-for-profit health system;
  6. 6. The RN entry exam must reflect 100 per cent Canadian content;
  7. 7. RNs from across Canada representing all domains of nursing must continue to participate in development of the new computer-based RN entry exam; and,
  8. 8.Canadian francophone RNs must continue to develop 25 per cent of the new computer-based RN entry exam questions in French, and must continue to review all French translation.

Sign the Petition for a Made-In-Canada RN Entry Exam TODAY

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