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Policy & Political Action

Send a Message to Federal Government: Reinstate the Long-Form Census

In 2010, the federal government eliminated the long-form census in favour of the National Household Survey, a much shorter voluntary survey -- without seeking input from the users of the data. The long-form census was a tool used by policy-makers, researchers, and public officials interested in creating robust public policy. RNAO has been one of the leading bodies speaking in support of the long-form census, leading up to, and following its demise.

Recently, a private member’s bill has been introduced in Federal Parliament: Bill C626 – An Act to Amend the Statistics Act seeking to reinstate the long-form census. The Bill is currently being debated as part of second reading with a vote expected on Wednesday February 4th. This represents an important opportunity to influence change and to send a strong message to the federal government around the importance of the long-form census to Canadians and the work of nurses.

What Can YOU Do?

Sign the action alert below addressed to

  • James Moore – Minister of Industry
  • Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper – Prime Minister of Canada
  • Thomas Mulcair – Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada
  • Justin Trudeau – Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
  • Elizabeth May – Leader of the Green Party of Canada

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