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Policy & Political Action

Responses to the action alert - Tell Ontario’s four political parties that Ontarians need more RNs

Ted Arnott

Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate hearing from you.

As my assistant Judy mentioned to you this morning, we have received a copy of this same message from hundreds of health care professionals.

I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to pass this message along to the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) members.

I have always believed that quality, accessible health care is the Provincial Government’s most important responsibility. We need to work cooperatively with nurses, doctors, and other front line health professionals to eliminate waiting lists and “hallway healthcare.”

If I am re-elected to the Legislature on June 7th, I would be happy to work with RNAO representatives, to seek improvements to our health care system.

Thank you for your interest in this year's provincial election.


Ted Arnott


Green Party

Thank you for your message.

The Green Party of Ontario believes that every person in Ontario should have access to the best possible health care, when and where they need it, and nurses play a critical role in achieving this.

We know that nurses are unduly affected by the problems of our healthcare system – work conditions strained by long wait times and overcrowding in hospitals. We need more Registered Nurses providing care. That’s why our party supports the call to fill the urgently needed 10,000 nursing vacancies in Ontario’s hospitals. We also support ensuring that all new hires in acute and cancer care hospitals are RNs and investing in more nurse-led clinics.

Our vision for a healthcare system is one that doesn’t just treat sickness, but prevents illness. Nurses play a critical role in health promotion, providing integrated primary care services at community care centres and in underserved rural areas. The nature of nursing continues to evolve, and the Green Party of Ontario pledges its full support to nurses in the indispensable work that they do.

Please read more about our health care vision for Ontario at www.gpo.ca/vision/people.

Craig Cantin
Deputy Provincial Campaign Manager
Green Party of Ontario