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Policy & Political Action

Nurses want Hands-on Medicare and Hands-off Health Council of Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided this week to cut funding to the Health Council of Canada – the national body set up in 2004 to monitor the 10-year health accord and report on the country’s health system. During the past decade, the council has produced reports examining issues such as universality, quality of care, Aboriginal health and health system efficiency. RNAO believes eliminating the Health Council of Canada not only reduces federal oversight on national health-care standards, it effectively lowers the bar for provinces who wish to experiment with for-profit delivery. This is a clear offence to Canadians who have consistently treasured our national Medicare system.

What Can You Do?

  • Nurses and nursing students should join the chorus of health professionals across Canada by writing a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and opposition leaders demanding the federal government reconsider this decision and restore the previous level of federal funding to the Health Council of Canada.
  • In sending this letter, we show we value the principles of Medicare, which are:
    • universality
    • accessibility
    • comprehensiveness
    • portability
    • non-profit administration

Sending this letter also demonstrates we are committed to optimizing the health of people, families, and communities by supporting the development of well-researched and demonstrated policies and evidence-based reports, such as those provided by the Health Council of Canada.

  • Please share this action alert with your colleagues, neighbours, friends and family and ask them to email as well.
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