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Policy & Political Action

The best chance ever to make national pharmacare happen

Canadians got one huge step closer to pharmacare on June 12 with the release of the final report of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. In clear and definitive terms, the report calls on the federal government to implement a universal, publicly-funded pharmacare plan.  

As the report notes, far too many Canadians suffer ill health and even death they lack access to universal drug coverage. They also suffer from financial distress, having to make terrible choices between spending on food or essential drugs. Our patchwork system of private and public drug insurance leaves too many people unprotected and leaves all of us facing drug prices that are unaffordable. 

Canadians are proud of their universal medicare system, but they have suffered from a huge gap in that system: Canada is the only advanced country with universal health care that lacks pharmacare. Now is the time to remedy that.  

With a federal election around the corner, let us ensure that all federal political parties commit to the implementation of a universal, publicly funded pharmacare system.

Submit the action alert below to urge Canada's party leaders to commit to pharmacare. Please share this action alert with your networks and encourage them to do the same!

This action alert is addressed to the following:

  • Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
  • Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition 
  • Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada
  • Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

Copies will be sent to the following:

  • Honourable Ginette Pettipas Taylor, Minister of Health
  • Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance
  • Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Finance Critic
  • Marilyn Gladu, Conservative Health Critic
  • Don Davies, NDP Health Critic
  • Peter Julian, NDP Finance Critic
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