Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action

Amend Bill 41: Urge the government to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the health system

Thanks to those who responded to RNAO’s call for changes to the government’s Bill 41, Patients First Act, 2016. More than 500 have signed our action alert. If you haven’t done so, now is your chance to make your voice heard loud and clear as the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly is reviewing the bill in detail.

  • Remove all provisions that position LHINs as delivering and/or managing health services. And, focus the scope of LHINs only on whole system planning, integration, funding allocation, monitoring and accountability functions
  • Anchor the health system in the primary care sector and while employed by the LHINs, so their salary and benefits remain intact, locate the nearly 4,100 care co-ordinators (currently in CCACs) in primary care to serve Ontarians throughout their life continuum. Primary care is eager and ready
  • Within each LHIN, mandate tri-partite leadership models incorporating medicine, nursing and one other regulated health profession

What Can YOU Do?

  • Sign the action alert below addressed to the premier, opposition leaders, health minister, health critics and deputy minister
  • Share this action alert with colleagues, family, friends, and neighbours. Urge them to act
  • Contribute to the discussion underway on social media using #Bill41 and/or #PatientsFirst
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