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Archived: Help save the Greenbelt and toxics regulation in Ontario

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This is a past action alert, and no longer active.

Bill 66 is a major threat to environmental protection in Ontario and we need your help to stop it. We are at great risk of losing toxics protections. Here’s the story. The bill has twelve unrelated schedules, and the last chance to tell the government about your concerns in Monday, March 18. Schedule 5 would get rid of the Toxics Reduction Act, which empowers government to regulate toxics and to require toxics labeling on products. Schedule 10 would allow municipalities to override planning, water and environmental protections when considering development proposals. The threat to the Greenbelt stirred up a huge backlash and the government announced that it would remove that schedule. There is no such promise about Schedule 5, and the government has yet to remove Schedule 10. The government needs to know that Ontarians care about protecting our water and environment and that they care about reducing toxics in the environment, workplace and products. Please sign the action alert below and share it with your networks. Urge them to sign and send it to others. You can edit the subject line and email message to add further thoughts.

Copies will be sent to:

  • Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
  • Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment & Conservation and Parks
  • Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Infrastructure
  • Members of the Standing Committee on General Government
  • Ian Arthur, NDP Environment Critic,
  • Jennifer French, NDP Infrastructure Critic
  • John Fraser, Interim Liberal Leader
  • Mike Schreiner, Green Party Leader