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RNAO Response to Proposal 17-HLTC034: Amending Regulation 552 under the Health Insurance Act: Community Laboratory Services

Community laboratory services play an important role in the health care system and as of 2015 represented close to $650 million – or 47 per cent of the provincial lab budget (hospitals provided about 47 per cent with the remaining amount supplied by physicians, public health labs and genetics labs). RNAO has a strong interest in the effective functioning, cost effectiveness and access to all sectors of the health system, including community laboratory services, and is pleased to offer this submission on proposed amendments to the regulation of these services.

RNAO Recommendations

  1. Take all necessary measures to secure more reasonable prices for community laboratory services
  2. Proceed with allowing designated hospitals to perform increasing shares of community laboratory services, and pay them those services
  3. Ensure that any restructuring is done in a way that maintains or enhances access to lab services
  4. Allow nurse practitioners to have blood collected in their offices without being regulated under the Specimen Collection Act
  5. Establish a provincial process to formally evaluate new laboratory tests, recommend or not recommend such tests, and retire obsolete testing procedures within a regularly updated Schedule of Benefits (Laboratory Services Expert Panel Review Recommendation 6)
  6. Require public reporting of laboratory performance and recommendation results (Laboratory Services Expert Panel Review Recommendation 7)
  7. Develop and deploy a Province-wide appropriateness/utilization program with supporting tools (Laboratory Services Expert Panel Review Recommendation 8)
  8. Introduce independent and regular patient satisfaction surveys for laboratory services, with sufficient breadth and depth to inform regional service adjustments (Laboratory Services Expert Panel Review Recommendation 14)
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