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RNAO feedback on Improvements to the Ministry of Transportation’s Medical Reporting Program

RNAO welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) proposed regulatory amendment to the Highway Traffic Act to improve medical reporting and eliminating driver license returns. Our recommendations take into consideration the safety of drivers on Ontario’s roads as well as the impact of the proposed changes as they relate to NPs’ ability to practice to their fullest scope. The recommendations were synthesized by surveying the opinions of NPs that are members of RNAO. NPs that make up RNAO’s membership come from various health-care sectors including acute care, primary care, long-term care and home care.

Summary of RNAO recommendations

Recommendation 1. RNAO endorses the inclusion of nurse practitioners, regardless of practice setting, as part of medical practitioners mandated to report to MTO.
Recommendation 2. RNAO supports clearly defining a list of medical conditions and functional impairments that should be reported to MTO.
Recommendation 3. RNAO agrees that temporary medical conditions and functional/visual impairments should be reported to MTO. Affected individuals should be given a temporary suspension of their driver’s license which, once the condition has cleared, should be reported by the health-care provider (i.e. NP, physician), thereby lifting the patient’s temporary suspension.

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