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RNAO feedback on Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario

RNAO welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Ministry of Finance on the recommendations from the Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario report. Our comments consider the impact of these changes on accident victims, as well as RNs and NPs.

RNAO supports a number of key recommendations of the report. Specifically:

Injured people should receive the care that they need when they need it.

It is necessary to eliminate obstacles that prevent accident victims from accessing benefits and health care in a timely manner. This is particularly important for seriously injured accident victims.

Ontario's accident benefits should not be further reduced.

It is important to provide for consumer education on automobile insurance to improve transparency and accessibility of accident benefits.

RNAO has identified a number of concerns with some recommendations in the Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered report that are likely to impact the health-care services provided to individuals injured in automobile accidents, in a manner that is not in the best interest of Ontarians. We urge you to address the following as you consider implementing these recommendations.

Summary of RNAO Recommendations

  1. Accident victims have the right to choose to obtain legal representation. 
  2. Programs of care must be treated as guidelines and not be prescriptive.
  3. More investigation into the hospital-based IEC model must be completed before decisions are made about its implementation.
  4. Accident victims only (i.e., not insurers) should have the opportunity to dispute an IEC decision by requesting that the arbitrator ask for a second opinion.
  5. RN and NP case managers should be used more broadly, and not only for catastrophic cases.
  6. RN and NP case managers must be able to sign HCAI electronic forms independently.
  7. A RN or NP case manager, who is an expert on health-care delivery in the auto insurance sector, should be part of the Board of the new Financial Services Regulatory Authority
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