Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Get Involved

Get Involved

What are the benefits of getting involved?
RNAO will actively support and train nurses to be able to transfer knowledge about nursing best practice guidelines to their professional practice.
By having nurses become RNAO Best Practice Champions they will be given:

  • A one day education (orientation) Workshop that will assist in developing their skills and provide resources (workbook, Toolkit, articles, references) to enable them to leave with a broad action plan for local/service base dissemination and implementation.
  • Access to the RNAO Champions Facilitators, who are available to assist with problem solving and implementation projects.
  • Access to a support network for ongoing consultation and resources through web-services, a newsletter, and regular meetings. These supports will link to guideline implementation information, tools and other resources to assist with implementation of evidence-based practice (i.e. standard templates for presentations, flyers and/or posters, updates, fact sheets).
  • The opportunity to take part in half-day Booster Sessions, designed to enhance knowledge and skills of guideline implementation, and strengthen their role within the network.

What is included in the Orientation Workshop?
During the orientation session, the major topics include:

  • Issues and trends in evidence-based practice
  • Information on the Best Practice Guideline project (development and dissemination)
  • Identifying the core competencies of a Champion
  • Developing a list of strategies to foster personal critical thinking and to champion its importance in nursing practice
  • Identifying nursing leadership strategies to influence uptake of best practice guideline recommendations
  • Information on the Champions Network (development, support and resources)
  • Initiating the development of a Action Plan for implementation of evidence-based guidelines (based on an organization readiness assessment) within your home organization

We value interactive instruction and encourage participants to give examples/scenarios of their own experiences within small breakout group work and to the larger group. Participants will be given time to network, form connections for ongoing support and resources amongst each other and with the RNAO.