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RNAO says Ontario lockdown measures fail Ontarians and allows virus to run rampant

On a day Ontario recorded another 2,123 new cases of the COVID-19 virus, the Ontario government announced new lockdown measures that will not take effect until Dec. 26 and in the words of RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun will do little to rein in a virus that continues to run rampant and that endangers the lives of Ontarians and its health system.

Premier Doug Ford made the announcement on Dec. 21 and in contradictory messaging called on Ontarians to stay home while allowing Christmas shopping and socializing to continue. Even after the new measures take effect on Boxing Day, RNAO says they fail to restrict discount and big box retailers from selling non-essential goods and will permit indoor shopping. Indoor liquor sales are also still permitted.

RNAO says the lockdown measures are insufficient and put the lives of Ontarians at risk. It’s especially concerned about persons sick and dying with COVID-19, and about those who are not getting appropriate access to diagnostics, treatment and surgery.  The belated and delayed action also places health-care providers working on the frontlines in conditions that are unsustainable and traumatizing.    

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