Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


RNAO continues to oppose paid plasma in Canada

As Canada marks the 20th anniversary of the tabling of the Krever Commission report in response to the tainted blood scandal, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) would like to reiterate its vigorous opposition to the expansion of for-profit plasma clinics. Both the Krever Commission and the World Health Organization are unequivocal in stating that "the safest blood donors are voluntary and non-remunerated."

RNAO was proud when the Legislature of Ontario unanimously rejected for-profit plasma collection in December 2014 after Canadian Plasma Resources (CPR) opened paid plasma clinics in low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto and Hamilton. Although Quebec and Alberta have joined Ontario in banning for-profit plasma clinics, CPR opened paid plasma collection facilities in Saskatchewan in 2016 and New Brunswick in 2017. Consistent with the experience in other jurisdictions, Canadian Blood Services has found that CPR's operation in Saskatchewan is undercutting voluntary donations and undermining the stability of Canada's blood supply.

RNAO joins our colleagues at Bloodwatch, Canadian Health Coalition, and Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions in urging the federal government to take swift action to ensure a safe and sustainable blood supply. We urge Health Canada to immediately revoke the establishment licenses of for-profit plasma clinics, prohibit future for-profit plasma clinics from opening, and support the expansion of public blood and plasma collection.

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