Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


RNAO condemns protests outside health organizations

Nurses condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the disruptive protests held outside health organizations in recent days. Health professionals have been called names, harassed and threatened. Access to health facilities has been disrupted, ambulances have been obstructed and patients’ lives endangered. 

Health workers in those facilities, patients in need of care services and the families accompanying them all have enough stress already. They don’t need hostile people calling to ignore health advice and scientific knowledge, shouting misinformation and yelling obscenities. This appalling behaviour has no place in our society at any time and especially not in the midst of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of 9,545 people in Ontario.

RNAO expresses grave concern about the escalating violence and the inadequate action to avert these situations by local authorities and police services. There should be strong action attached and consequences against those who transgress the law. Charges must be vigorously pursued against those who attack health workers, engage in acts of violence, or express hate.

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