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RNAO and AMS Healthcare report: Nursing and Compassionate Care in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

With more than 400 in attendance, RNAO and AMS Healthcare unveiled their groundbreaking report during their virtual pan-Canadian symposium on Oct. 21. 

RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun and CEO of AMS Healthcare Gail Peach shared the report Nursing and Compassionate Care in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and declared it a call to action for the nursing profession to engage in shaping this emerging future and highlight the role of nurses in clinical environments enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

The report also outlines trends in AI Health Technologies and how these trends can potentially transform the roles and functions of nurses in all domains of practice and all sectors. 

Throughout the symposium several speakers spoke about different topics of discussion including emerging future of nursing and AI, maintaining compassionate care in the age of AI and educating nurses for the emerging future. 

Featured presenters included Dr. Tracie Risling, interim associate dean and associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan; Dr. Richard Booth, interim associate dean for the University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Sandra Davidson, dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary. 

To learn more about the report, please read online

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