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Questionnaire on biosimilar drugs: Deadline Dec. 21

Nurses who prescribe, dispense and administer biologic drugs are being asked to fill out a Health Canada questionnaire.

Biologic drugs or biosimilar drugs come from living organisms or from their cells, and are often made using biotechnology.

The questionnaire is intended to identify topics you want more information on relating to Health Canada’s role in authorization and post-market monitoring of biosimilar drugs and type of tools that would be most useful to you in your practice and to your patients.

The questionnaire is being targeted to all health-care professionals who prescribe, dispense, and administer biologic drugs such as insulin, erythropoietin, and monoclonal antibodies.

Please fill out the survey online:

Refer to Health Canada’s website for additional information on how biosimilars are regulated and how they differ from generic pharmaceuticals.

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