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Protect nurses from violence

Physical injuries. Headaches. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Depression. These are just some of the physical and psychological consequences of workplace violence.

In Canada, 61 per cent of nurses experienced some form of violence between 2016 and 2017. That’s prompted some nurses to change jobs or leave the profession altogether

To help create and sustain positive work environments, RNAO has released the second edition of Preventing Violence, Harassment and Bullying Against Health Workers

The evidence-based BPG recommends health organizations screen all patients to assess who is more at risk of acting violently. It also has guidance/information on choosing screening tools proven to work and how to teach frontline staff to use them. 

The guideline also recommends health services organizations and academic institutions monitor harassment and bullying, create policies that prevent such behaviour and how to respond quickly and appropriately. 

To see the full BPG, please download it for free online. To learn more about the BPG, please read our media release

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