Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


New program to help nurses with substance use or mental health disorders

RNAO is working with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA), and the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO) to deliver a new program that will support additional treatment options for nurses with substance use or mental health disorders.

When fully launched in early 2019, the Nurses’ Health Program (NHP) will be available to all nurse practitioners (NP), registered nurses (RN) and registered practical nurses (RPN) practising in Ontario. It is a voluntary, bilingual and confidential program to encourage nurses to seek treatment for substance use and/or mental health disorders that may affect their ability to practise safely. The program is modelled on similar ones used by other regulated health professions across the province.

NHP is governed by CNO, ONA, RNAO and RPNAO. Stay tuned for details in early 2019.

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