Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


More nurse practitioners needed: Sign Action Alert

Increased utilization of nurse practitioners (NP) in Ontario’s health system is long overdue. Join RNAO in our urgent call to the government to deliver immediately on long-standing promises of funding and adding:

  • new NP-led clinics (NPLC) to the province’s existing roster of 26
  • more NPs to long-term care (LTC) in the attending NP role

In February, RNAO released its NP Task Force Vision for Tomorrow report. It made eight recommendations including:

  • increasing NP supply
  • optimizing NP utilization
  • expanding NP scope of practice
  • aligning the NP curriculum to changes in scope of practice and care needs
  • harmonizing compensation to adequately remunerate NPs across all sectors
  • investing in research that demonstrates NP impact
  • broadening insurance coverage to consistently include NPs
  • showcasing NP impact within the health system and to the public

RNAO’s Vision for Tomorrow is a big and bold plan to increase health equity and access to health care in Ontario’s post-pandemic health system. Implementation of its recommendations must happen immediately. 

To add your voice to our call, please sign our Action Alert today.

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