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RNAO/OMA Joint Membership Survey Finds

TORONTO, Jan. 22, 2004 - A joint research survey by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), demonstrates that Ontario’s nurse practitioners and physicians have been working well together in new joint partnerships across Ontario.

The purpose of the survey was to gather information about the collaborative practice relationship experience of general and family practice physicians and nurse practitioners established in recent years. Successful collaborative practice relationships between nurse practitioners and doctors include long-term care facilities, primary care networks, community health centres and physician offices.

“The report provides information to maintain and improve existing practice partnerships and provides a framework for those physicians and nurse practitioners looking to initiate new ones” said Dr. John Rapin, spokesman for the Ontario Medical Association, “The OMA is committed to continuing to take steps to foster and develop new working relationships with Ontario’s nurses to improve access to health services in Ontario.”

“The report confirms the value of nurses and doctors working together. Ontario’s collaborative practice partnerships are leading the way nationwide.” said RNAO president Adeline Falk-Rafael. “RNAO is committed to continuing to work with doctors in the province to achieve excellent practice partnerships to best serve Ontarians.”

The survey, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care was conducted between December 2002 and February 2003 and surveyed almost 32 doctors and nurses in Ontario. Interviews were conducted with nurse practitioners and general and family physicians individually and together to achieve the best possible insight to the collaborative practice relationship.

In the spirit of continued cooperation, the RNAO and the OMA are currently working to support the establishment of interdisciplinary practices in Ontario by establishing a physician/nurse practitioner education and mentoring program, which, once fully implemented will further foster positive working relationships and enhance patient care in Ontario.


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