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Building nursing excellence - RNAO's new BPSO designation

RNAO is announcing today the extension of nine health-care or “Spotlight” partnerships in Ontario and Quebec which first commenced in 2003.  These organizations will be officially and formally designated as Best Practice Spotlight Organizations or BPSO.  

The new designation allows these select facilities to be recognized for their continuous effort to disseminate, implement and evaluate RNAO’s Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs); thereby building on the productive, collaborative work already completed during their initial three-year contract with RNAO.  These organizations have also committed to sharing their experiences through publications and presentations.

RNAO’s BPGs are clinical and educational resources (available online and in print) that impart specific evidence-based practices for nurses and other health-care providers to offer the best possible patient care.  To date, the Association has issued 29 internationally acclaimed guidelines which have been developed since the inception of the Program in 1999.  The BPG Program is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario.  

Who and Where?
The designated BPSOs are: Hôpital Charles LeMoyne, Greenfield Park, Quebec; Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital, Sudbury; McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec; Niagara Health System, St. Catharines; Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie; Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Markham; University Health Network, Toronto; VON Canada, Ottawa; West Park Healthcare Centre, Toronto.

These nine BPSOs, along with twelve new Spotlights announced earlier in April 2006, are part of an expert and passionate network of health-care organizations who have formally partnered with RNAO to systematically implement BPGs and evaluate their impact on clinical/health outcomes for patients, organizational and system outcomes – including cost-effectiveness. 

RNAO is unwavering in its commitment to build nursing excellence in Canada and abroad.  BPSO partners are groundbreaking practice sites dedicated to raising the bar in evidence-based nursing practice by using RNAO’s guidelines in day to day patient care and by evaluating their impact on clinical and health outcomes.

This new designation provides formal recognition for the commendable commitment and pioneering work of these organizations and their nurses to successfully apply RNAO’s guidelines to enhance patient care; build greater awareness about evidence-based practice; and create a winning BPG team to advance and sustain guideline work.

BPSO’s also endeavor to share their experience and expertise with guideline implementation and evaluation with other health-care settings interested in implementing RNAO guidelines.  The real winners are the Canadian public, the nursing community, and our health-care system as a whole.

BPSO designation will be extended annually, provided progress has been made and there is mutual agreement. This ongoing affiliation, allows each BPSO to plan their efforts, to take on new guidelines or to continue to work more deeply with their current selection while ensuring ongoing evaluation of their impact on patient, organizational and system outcomes.

As part of this new arrangement, the BPSOs will receive a specially designed logo for use on official letterhead, news releases, publications and websites; a framed certificate marking their new BPSO status; and an annual seal celebrating this ongoing relationship.  

The new logo design – a ray of light shining across a book – is the perfect icon for the “spotlight on knowledge” these BPSOs represent within health-care today.

These nine organizations will be formally designated “BPSOs” at RNAO’s April 2006 Annual General meeting in Toronto.

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