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2nd annual best practices summer institute builds nursing excellence and inspires innovation


TORONTO, May 31, 2004 – When our loved ones get sick, need home or emergency care, or require quick, accessible and comfortable entry into the health-care system, we expect only the best. Nurses across the province expect nothing less. That’s why, for the past five years, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s (RNAO) Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Program (NBPG), supported financially by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, has been leading the way in developing and implementing nationally accepted and recognized guidelines on patient care, including elder care, home health care, mental health care, emergency care, and primary health care.

To build on these guidelines and to advance clinical excellence and innovation, the RNAO Centre for Professional Nursing Excellence will host a five-day in-depth learning institute this spring to teach techniques, tools and theory for further development and utilization of best practices for the nursing community.

The institute, which includes expert keynote speakers and faculty from home and abroad, will attract nursing educators, practice leaders, directors, managers and quality assurance experts from across the country.

For an inside view on best practices and their impact on patients, caregivers and nurses, drop by this spring’s NBPG Institute to talk to the experts or access the NBPG health education fact sheets by visiting, following the links to the Best Practice Guidelines Web site.

WHAT: Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Summer Institute: Leading & Shaping Clinical Excellence

The RNAO Centre for Professional Nursing Excellence presents the 2nd annual five-day in-depth learning institute on clinical innovation

WHO: Keynote speakers include:

  • Whitney Berta, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, PhD(c), O. ONT, Executive Director, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)

  • Sue Matthews, RN, BA, MHScN, PhD(c), Provincial Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Government of Ontario

  • Brendan McCormack, D.Phil (Oxon.), BSc (Hons.), PGCEA, RNT, RMN, RGN, Director of Research, Practice Development and Clinical Education, Royal Hospitals, Belfast, Ireland

  • Janet Rush, RN, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, and Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

  • Tazim Virani, RN, MScN, Project Director, RNAO Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Program

Also featuring:

  • Irmajean Bajnok, RN, MScN, PhD, Director, RNAO Centre for Professional Nursing Excellence

  • Nancy Campbell, BA, Director, Finance & Administration, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)

  • Evangeline Danseco, PhD, Research Associate, Best Practice Guidelines Evaluation Program, RNAO

  • Stephanie Lappan-Gracon, RN, MN, Coordinator, Best Practice Champions Network, Best Practice Guidelines Program, RNAO

  • Myrna Mason, RN, MN, GNC(C), Director of Resident Care, Drs. Paul and John Rekai Centre

  • Heather McConnell, RN, BScN, MA(Ed), Project Manager, RNAO Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Program

  • Josephine Santos, RN, MN, Project Coordinator, RNAO Best Practice Guidelines Program

  • Jane Schouten, RN, MBA, Project Coordinator, RNAO Best Practice Guidelines Program

  • Donna Tucker, RN, MScN, Project Manager, Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guidelines Project, RNAO

WHEN: Monday, May 31 to Friday, June, 4, 2004

WHERE: Delawana Inn Resort, 42 Delawana Road, Honey Harbour, Ontario


For more information, please contact:
Marion Zych, Director of Communications, RNAO
Phone: 416-408-5605
Toll free: 1-800-268-7199 ext.209
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