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Learn about BPSO OHTs

RNAO is supporting the success of Ontario Health Teams (OHT) by offering a new Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) model called BPSO OHT. Currently, there are four OHTs participating in this program: North Western Toronto, East Toronto Health Partners, Southlake Community and Ottawa East Health Team/ Équipe Santé Ottawa Est.

This BPSO OHT model is designed to support Ontario Health Teams, across the continuum of care to achieve the quadruple aim (improved patient outcomes, improved patient experience, lower costs of care and improved provider experience). The goal of the BPSO OHT model is to optimize patient outcomes through evidence-based practice and robust staff engagement, including all disciplines and all sectors. 

BPSO OHTs are actively supported by RNAO and organizations throughout the BPSO OHT network to systematically implement evidence-based best practice guidelines (BPGs) that align with government and each BPSO OHT priorities. Mandatory guidelines include Person-and Family-Centred Care and Care Transitions. BPSO OHTs select two additional clinical guidelines according to their priority populations (i.e., falls and injury prevention; pressure injury prevention; substance use; etc). 

An example of robust staff engagement is the recent two-day champions training with the North Western Toronto BPSO OHT that involved over 100 frontline health providers from multiple disciplines across the spectrum of care. Participants shared why person-and family-centred care matters, planned for integrated systems of care across the organizations, and started to build a collective identity. 

See participants' spontaneity in a video of the workshop. 

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