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Good news on Ontario’s environmental front

Despite the claims that cap-and-trade or carbon pricing will kill jobs, two new reports have found cap-and-trade is working.

Cap-and-trade is essentially a system that limits the amount of carbon pollution allowed in Ontario. It helps to protect the environment and to protect people’s health at the same time, by helping Ontario to reach its greenhouse gas emission targets.

On April 9, the Clean Economy Alliance, a group of nearly 100 organizations that includes RNAO, released two reports on the effects of Ontario’s cap-and-trade. Both reports conclude that the program was doing its job of helping transition Ontario to a cleaner, lower-carbon economy, with no adverse effects on growth or employment. This is important, given proposals to abandon carbon pricing.

Some of the key highlights of the two reports are:

- After a year of carbon pricing, there is no evidence that it has hurt Ontario’s economy
- There are some early indications that the policies are reducing carbon emissions
- Cap-and-trade is better than a carbon tax in 2020 for Ontario both economically and environmentally

For more information, please read the CEA media release as well as the opinion piece by RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun and Executive Director of Environmental Defence Tim Gray.

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