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COVID-19 VIANurse Program: Calling on RNs, NPs and nursing students to help

RNAO is leading the way in harnessing the capacity the health system needs to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. On March 13, RNAO started its VIANurse program to recruit RNs, NPs and nursing students. So far, 285 NPs; 1,022 critical care RNs (who have experience and continued competency in the provision of critical care) and 7,338 RNs for virtual/clinical care have registered to help. In addition, we have served 255 organizations – 190 are LTC or seniors homes. The following are initiatives we need your help with:

If you are an organization looking to increase your nursing HR capacity during COVID-19, please complete this online form. RNs/NPs living in the city/surrounding areas near where your organization is located will be connected with you as soon as possible. If you are a long-term care home looking to fill PSW positions, please fill out this online form. Nursing students in second, third or fourth year will be connected with you.

Nursing Students in LTC
To tackle pressing needs in long-term care (LTC) homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, RNAO is helping connect nursing students (in second, third or fourth year of study) with LTC homes. Nursing students who have completed at least one year of studies are eligible to work as PSWs. RNAO has already connected thousands of nursing students with LTC facilities across the province. To see the facilities that are looking to fill paid PSW positions, please see the online registry and apply.  

Critical care
We’re asking for individuals with experience and continued competency in providing critical care services who are not currently working in these settings, or those who can increase their hours. If you are an RN or NP and are interested, please fill out the survey. RNAO will connect survey respondents with hospitals that need to increase their capacity to meet critical care needs. 

Virtual and Clinical Care
In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we’re asking retired, faculty - part-time and full-time - RNs and NPs who are willing to provide virtual and clinical care to Ontarians. If you are interested, please take time to fill out the survey.

Nurse Practitioners
We are also looking NPs with experience, continued competency and specialty certificates in primary care, adult care and paediatrics. RNAO will connect survey respondents with health-care organizations that need to increase their capacity to meet health-care needs. For more details, fill out our survey.

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