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Are you protected? Legal protection through RNAO membership is critical now more than ever

Do you subscribe to RNAO’s Legal Assistance Program (LAP)? In these increasingly challenging and uncertain times, nurses should be concerned more than ever about legal risk in nursing practice. Protect yourself by maintaining your RNAO membership with LAP coverage.  

LAP covers you in circumstances that fall outside the scope of RNAO’s professional liability protection (PLP), which is an automatic benefit of RNAO membership. PLP provides legal coverage to members who are named in a lawsuit or criminal investigation related to nursing practice. But there are other legal challenges any practising nurse can be faced with – without ever having done anything wrong – including layoffs, wrongful dismissals and CNO complaints. And that’s where LAP comes in. Together, PLP and LAP provide comprehensive legal protection for RNAO members.

Joining LAP is $64.57 in addition to your annual RNAO membership fee. A small investment in LAP provides comprehensive legal coverage for a wide range of legal issues in nursing practice, and additional peace of mind. Don’t take chances with your employment, reputation or CNO registration. Maintain your RNAO and LAP memberships without interruption.  

LAP is a well-established and well-funded program that has helped thousands of members since 1986. To add LAP to your membership, or if you have questions about the program, please contact us at 1-800-268-7199 or

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