Two complementary frameworks

Venn Diagram

The Leading Change Toolkit™ now includes two complementary implementation frameworks. The Social Movement Action (SMA) Framework and the Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) Framework, create a powerful and novel approach when used together. Throughout the Leading Change Toolkit™, you will find examples of linkages between the SMA and KTA Frameworks to help you apply both frameworks together to accelerate your success.

Leading a practice change can be a process with a lot to consider. Using both frameworks - or starting with one and adding the second one later on - can help drive your change and support the development of the knowledge, skills and confidence that are needed for change agents.  This can also support you and your change team to lead a practice change when using an evidence-based resource, such as an RNAO Best Practice Guideline (BPG)

You will find sections in the Leading Change Toolkit™ that detail each component in the SMA and KTA Frameworks. We also include a section on engaging persons with lived experience to help inform this type of work in your initiative. Let’s look at the contents of each of these sections in more detail so you can find what you need to get started.