More about the key characteristic 'Public visibility'

Public visibility of mobilized individual and collective action is…

  • A strategy to raise awareness of the urgent need for action for a shared concern and/or a strongly desired change. It can be used to promote the vision and goals of the social movement. It can also show the level of support and how others can get involved (Bujalances Hoyos et al., 2020; Davey, 2009; del Castillo et al., 2016).
  • A means of sustaining the social movement. Social movements require ongoing support and the continued engagement of individuals in the change initiative. Public visibility keeps change agents and others updated on the activities of the change initiative (Davey, 2009; del Castillo et al., 2016; Grinspun, 2018).

Accelerate Your Success: The Knowledge-to-Action Framework’sSustain knowledge use action cycle phase includes strategies for how change teams can take action to sustain knowledge use including an awareness of factors that can help or hinder it. For change teams, having as many strategies to promote the  sustainment of change can help extend the social movement. 

  • A tool to disseminate information to stakeholders, especially through digital platforms. Web-based technology allows for quick connection and communication of ideas to a broad audience and can support collaborations between groups, especially those who are at a distance or don’t work together in-person (Embry & Grossman, 2006; Grinspun & Bajnok, 2018).