Framing through storytelling

The story of self, us, and now

The Story of Self, Us and Now is a tool that can support the development of frames by using storytelling to identify personal values, belief in collective action and the urgency for change (Ganz, 2011). It seeks to engage the head and the heart of others to mobilize and take action for a shared cause. Additional examples using ‘The Story of Self, Us, and Now’ are listed in the Additional resources section.   

Use brainstorming to prioritize shared goals to support framing
picture of "dot voting"

Brainstorming and ‘dot voting’ are two approaches you can use to help clarify and prioritize goals.

In dot voting, each person is given dots (e.g., stickers or markers) to vote for or rank their preferred choice. ‘Dotmocracy’ allows for equal participation in priority decision-making. For more details, see  Dot voting alpha | and Dot voting and Appendix B. Prioritize Opportunities for Improvement | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (