Examples of individual and collective action activities

Individual and collective action activities are specific to a local context and to the goals of the social movement; therefore, they cannot be prescribed. Examples of collective action activities are listed below to support understanding and generate ideas:  

To support dissemination:

  • Hold promotional activities to introduce the movement to staff.
  • Set up an in-person or virtual information stall with posters and leaflets to support the dissemination.
  • Go to units and have champions and other informal peer leaders talk to staff.
  • Disseminate newsletters detailing activities and updates.
  • Engage local and/or social media to gain visibility.

To engage stakeholders:

  • Host fun events to drive staff interest.
  • Hold a ‘go-live’ day to officially kick off a change initiative.
  • Hold meetings with community groups.
  • Hold public meetings, rallies, and/or protests to disrupt the norms and procedures of everyday life.
  • Hold education sessions to learn new knowledge and skills.

To engage collective action beyond a local context:

  • Participate locally in a change process that is having a global launch. Organize a local launch to motivate participation and change. 

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