Dig deeper: Knowledge-to-Action Framework

The Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) Framework  (Graham et al., 2006) includes a seven-phase action cycle to support the implementation and sustainability of a knowledge tool, such as an RNAO BPG. As with the SMA Framework, it is essential that change teams and change agents develop the knowledge and skills to be able to use the KTA Framework effectively.  

To strengthen your knowledge:

Name of the subsection Description
What is this action cycle phase? Defines the action cycle phase and its key concepts.
Why is this action cycle phase important? Discusses the importance of the phase in relation to the process of evidence uptake and sustainability.
More about this action cycle phase Details the characteristics of the action cycle phase.

To advance your skills:

Name of the subsection Description
Considerations for getting started Provides ideas on how to get started in the action cycle phase
Practice tips Gives you and your change team practical tips on how to get started with the action cycle phase.
Tools Provides summaries of pragmatic and valid tools (for example, surveys and questionnaires) to assess a component of an action cycle phase. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the inclusion of a tool in one of the action cycle phases does not imply an endorsement from RNAO.)
Case studies Describes examples of how the action cycle phase has been used by organizations, including RNAO BPSOs and others, as well as examples from the literature.
Check your progress Helps you and your change team know if you are on the right track.
Worksheets Provides links to downloadable files of practical tools, checklists and other resources.
Linkages Links the action cycle phase to some of the elements of the SMA Framework.
Getting ready for the next phase Prepares you for the next action cycle phase and indicates how the current phase informs the next one.  
Additional Resources

Provides a list of some relevant resources to support ongoing learning. (Please note that RNAO's inclusion of a resource in one of these lists does not imply an endorsement from RNAO.)