Considerations for getting started

Considerations for getting started

To foster intrinsic motivation for a shared concern or strongly desired change with colleagues and others, the following approaches can be applied by you and your change team:

  • Strongly encourage and welcome individuals with direct lived experience to get involved and take on roles as members of a change team and/or as change agents. Actively support them to share their first-hand knowledge and understanding of the issues and the context.
  • Welcome individuals with indirect experience of a shared concern and/or a strongly desired change because they can act as allies with those who have lived experience. 
  • Choose values that are shared by many, such as truthfulness, fairness, confidentiality and privacy. This way, others are more likely to connect with the shared concern and feel it is also relevant to them.  
  • Frame key messages to position the shared concern or desired change so it will resonate with others.
  • In situations where individuals are developing competency or self-efficacy in an area of care, be aware that intrinsic motivation can be facilitated by linking feelings of competence with autonomy and internal locus of control. 
  • Allow staff to self-determine their level of engagement. Avoid assigning roles so that everyone has a choice regarding how much and where to invest their energy.

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