Check your progress

check your progress

Here are some signs that you and your change team are making progress:

  • You and others have identified shared values and a purpose that drive individual and collective action towards a mutual goal.
  • You have created conditions that foster autonomy, mastery and create connections or social ties.  
  • Your change agents remain committed to and personally invested in the change.
  • Your change agents and others express that being involved in the change is meaningful and provides a sense of personal responsibility and accomplishment.

SOURCES: Bajnok et al., 2018b; Hilton & Anderson, 2018. 

A movement gains traction and engages participants by focusing on our humanity—by addressing problems that people care about, by transforming what people believe is possible, and, in the end, by changing what their perceptions are of their own responsibility and capacity to act on the problem.” 

Hahrie Han, Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education, Keynote, 2016