Check your progress

check your progress

Here are some signs you and your change team are making progress:

  • You have a written plan of individual and collective action activities to support long-term sustained change.
  • You and others are engaged in the social movement and a critical mass is engaged in the change.
  • You are maintaining regular face-to-face interactions with supporters to keep social connectivity. 
  • You are developing core leadership structures to support the social movement and momentum.
  • You are seeing examples of visible individual and collective action. 
  • You have assessed your progress in terms of the goals of the social movement - what is going to be done? How? When? By                          whom? Why?  (Bibby et al., 2009; Sustainable Improvement Team & the Horizons Team, 2018)
  • New people are curious about the social movement and want to get involved.
  • People support the movement; they understand what is being done and why.
  • People care about the change. It aligns with their values, needs and aspirations.
  • People feel hopeful about the change and believe that they can do something about the situation.
  • People ‘show up’, and are actively involved in making the change happen. 
  • Different types of people or groups get involved because the issue matters to them.
An arrow moving up to the right showing commitment level

Check the level of commitment:
This spectrum depicts people’s level of commitment along a continuum from no commitment to full commitment (make it happen). Progress occurs when people move along the spectrum, become engaged in the change and take on leadership roles to make the change happen (Bibby et al., 2009).

SOURCES: Bevan et al., 2011; Bibby et al., 2009; del Castillo et al., 2016.