Additional resources

Additional resources
Name of resource Description
Definition of leadership (Ganz, 2018) How to Build a Team: Online Course - The Commons A video series from Resistance School and Leading Change Network describing leadership in the context of social movement.
Promoting health: advocacy guide for health professionals (International Council of Nurses, 2010) A guide to support health-care providers, as change agents, to build capacity in social movement advocacy. The resource includes a 10-step advocacy framework.

The science behind resistance to change: what the research says and how it can help you (Jaben, 2016)

A webinar presentation by Dr. Jaben on individuals’ resistance to change and the role of storytelling to support developing shared agreement on change initiatives.
A Practice Guide to Supporting Implementation: What competencies do we need? (Metz et al., 2020) A practice guide for those who engage in the implementation of changes in service agencies. The guide includes a focus on building trust in teams.

Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership (Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, 2013)

Tips and tools for nurses on developing and sustaining nursing leadership

This RNAO best practice guideline describes how frontline staff can be effective informal transformational leaders.

The Tips and Tools resource describes evidence-based practice for nurses in formal and informal leadership roles at the point of care.