Appendix B: Abbreviations

Abbreviation Term
AA Action Alert
BPG Best Practice Guideline
BPSO® Best Practice Spotlight Organization®
CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CNO College of Nurses of Ontario
COI Conflict of Interest
CPSI Canadian Patient Safety Institute
EBM Evidence-Based Medicine
EBNP Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
EBP Evidence-Based Practice
HEC Healthcare Excellence Canada
HCP Health-Care Provider
IHI Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IM&T Information Management and Technology
KTA Knowledge-to-Action
LTC Long-Term Care
MPP Member of Provincial Parliament
PRISMA Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
QI Quality Improvement
RNAO Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
SMA Social Movement Action
SMO Social Movement Organization
WHO World Health Organization