Recruitment Rewards

“Get 5”: Recruit five new RN/NP members* and get your next year’s membership FREE! Get your friends and colleagues to join RNAO.

For every RN/NP you sign up as a new RNAO member, earn a $20 RNAO gift certificate. For every undergraduate nursing student you recruit, earn $5.

Use your RNAO gift certificate(s) toward your future membership fees or RNAO conferences and workshops.

We need to know who you recruit to send recruitment rewards, so make sure new members include your name and your RNAO number on their membership application to ensure you get credit for bringing them onboard! MyRNAO has options for printing membership forms personalized with your name and number or for emailing a friend and asking them to join.

You will receive an email in the month of August if you have recruitment rewards waiting for you with directions on how to redeem them. Rewards must be used before May 31.

* New members are RNs/NPs or undergraduate nursing students who have never been an RNAO member or associate before or who have not been a member or associate in the last two (2) years. “Get 5 ” applies to new members who are RNs/NPs.

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