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Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is the professional association representing registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and nursing students in all roles and sectors within Ontario. Our mandate is to foster knowledge-based nursing practice, promote quality work environments, deliver excellence in professional development, and advance healthy public policy. We promote the full participation of present and future RNs and NPs in improving health, and shaping and delivering health-care services. Given our mandate, we are pleased to provide this submission to Health Canada’s Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation.

Topics covered

How well does the current system support innovation?
How can the federal government support innovation in health care?


RNAO further extends its gratitude to the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation for the opportunity to provide feedback. Furthermore, we recommend that the advisory panel consider the following:

  1. Support innovation that expands Medicare as a single-tier, publicly-funded and not-for-profit health-care system, while rejecting the introduction of co-payments, user-fees, means testing or increased privatization of service delivery.
  2. Shift away from illness care within institutions to interprofessionally-delivered health promotion, illness prevention, chronic disease prevention and management, and improved mental health services offered within the community.
  3. Reinstate the long-form census to generate valuable data that can be used to support health system improvements.
  4. enew the federal Health Accord with the following priorities:

a. Building a robust and accessible primary care system that is the anchor of the system
b. Ensuring that all regulated health-care professionals are enabled to practise to their full scope
c. Develop frameworks that enable a culture of evidence grow within health service delivery

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